Mąka Polka na pierogi, naleśniki Flour Type 500

Mąka Polka

Na pierogi, naleśniki

Typ 500, 1 kg

The best dumplings and pancakes are only made with this flour. And if you would like to prepare and revive the classics of old cuisine, puff pastry or Danish pastry noodles will also turn out perfectly. And noodles for broth, too. This flour is high in carbohydrates, fibre and iron. It will also be perfect for baking homemade buns. This will be a favourite flour in your kitchen, because who doesn’t like dumplings? And let them raise their hand who despises pancakes!

Mąka Polka na ciasta Flour Type 450

Mąka Polka

Najlepsza na ciasta

Typ 450, 1 kg

The softest and whitest flour. It will be perfect for baking sponge cakes, fluffy cakes and mushy runny cakes. This flour has a low ash content, which determines its type. It’s all about the mineral content, which is incorporated into the flour by even grinding the casing of the grain. This is why it is light – as we say in culinary jargon – and will work well wherever you don’t need to add baking powder, just whipped egg whites. It aerates perfectly when sifted, which makes the dough extremely fluffy after baking. It is also very easy to knead the dough, which then rises fantastically. It is the most refined and therefore contains the least nutrients, but this makes it so perfectly smooth.

Mąka Polka Kulinarna Flour Type 550

Mąka Polka Wheat Flour

Najlepsza do gotowania

Typ 550, 1 kg

The name of this flour suggests its universal use in the kitchen and indeed it is. This flour will give roux, bread crumbs, faworki (angel wings) or pancakes a completely new quality. It can also compete with sauces and puddings in which it is used as a natural thickener. This flour is quite light and fluffy. It is obtained from a high grind, but contains a lot of minerals. It also has a high protein and carbohydrate content.