The first wind-powered mill in Poland

When we comissioned the wind turbine in March 2019, we began our adventure with green energy, which is free from negative environmental impacts..

The basic elements of the turbine are the tower, gondola, rotor and blades. The turbine usually starts working at wind speeds of 3 m/s, which we refer to as the starting speed, up to 25 m/s . When the wind is too strong, it is automatically switched off, and the blades’ pitch is set in a safe position. The wind turbine converts wind energy to mechanical energy, which the generator then converts to electricity.

Wind turbines are considered one of the most ecological and environmentally friendly sources of electricity. This is because all that is needed to produce it is wind, and the surrounding land can be safely used for farming.

The benefits that this provides, namely wind as a free source, no environmental contamination, and lower production costs, mean that having the windmill working in direct collaboration with the flour mill is the most efficient option possible. Our mill is a pioneer of this approach in Poland, with the electricity obtained from wind supplementing the power provided by the commercial supplier.

Energy obtained from renewable sources is becoming increasingly popular in Poland, and we will also try to continue and expand our involvement in green energy.

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