New: Polka flour

Polka flour is not a work of chance – it is a true work of millinery.

Created to be enjoyed by anyone with an appetite for something good.
It can be used to make dumplings and pancakes the likes of which have
never been seen in your kitchen before.
The cakes will turn out perfectly and the sauces will be as delicious
as if made by Karol Okrasa himself.

Polka could only be created here in Szczepanki in our mill.
Because we know how to make good flour – we have been making it
for generations and we make it only from the best Polish grain.

We are faithful to tradition, but we also understand very well
the needs of modern Polish women and their families.
That’s why Mąka Polka is concrete and practical, and no wonder
it comes in three variants:

  • Best for dumplings, pancakes
  • Best for cakes
  • Best for cooking

So we invite you to bake, cook, prepare.
Anything goes well with Polka flour.

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